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I love it when one of my paintings takes off and gets thousands of notes, really, it makes me feel like I’m doing something right and it’s so flattering and I love it and I love you guys.  However, I get really, really frustrated and sad when some bloggers remove my credit line and replace it with a star or heart or triangle or some other dumb symbol with no other credit given to me.  Or when someone replaces my credit line with “FOLLOW MY BLOG FOR MORE IMAGES LIKE THIS!” One, it makes it seem like you were the creator or original uploader…which you are not. Those might even be bot blogs that include those bait lines I don’t know…but really that is just tactless and desperate, does anyone actually fall for that?

The reason why I like tumblr is because I really enjoy the idea of just sharing things-sharing what we like, what we make, what we discovered, but please just give credit where credit is due.  I know if someone sees my work but does not see that I made it, it just becomes another random image on tumblr.  Sure, there might be a rare occasion that someone really likes it, so they bother to track down the original poster or maybe even will do a reverse image search.  Those people are the people that I’d want following me and those are the people that I want to get in contact with…but in reality that’s not what tumblr is about.  It’s a fast paced website and if an image is lacking credit in the description it is highly unlikely someone will actually go out of their way to figure out the source, even if it is just checking out the source blog.

I know there are thousands of other posts like the one I’m making right now of people gripping about this very same issue so I don’t really know why I’m even making this post, I guess just so vent this frustration out into the world.

But really…if you don’t like how descriptions look on your blog…just get a theme that hides the description!